Our chess tournaments offer an opportunity for recognition of individuals who have made it possible for us to enjoy the game we love.

The Joseph R. Perz Memorial provides a tribute to the many coaches, teachers and mentors of scholastic chess programs.  Joseph Perz was a high school biology teacher who did not play chess himself.  However, he recognized the value of chess to the academic environment.  His “cheerleading” and mentorship supported a chess team that was a perennial western Pennsylvania champion.

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The Donald Byrne Memorial honors the man who was the perfect role model for chessplayers everywhere.  (See “Our Chess Heritage” for more information about this remarkable man.)

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The John Paul Devereaux Memorial recognizes the man whose love of the game drove him to dedicate countless hours as organizer and friend to Donald Byrne and the members of the Penn State Chess Team.  A professor of accounting, John provided an ideal example of the many unsung volunteers who perform the mundane tasks needed to support our chess activities.

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The National Chess Day Felix Schwarz Memorial honors those who love the game and impart that love to others.  A holocaust survivor, Felix Schwarz was best known to those in the State College area for teaching chess to children at Schlow Library for many years.

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